Kamis, 27 November 2008

Talk About Butterfinger Loaded With Ice Cream Bar

Butterfinger Candy Bar comes with a beautiful dark yellow wrapper, and there's a small light blue triangle on it. The brandname "Butterfinger" is in blue with a light yellow background, below the Butterfinger brand name there are words, "crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery" printed in small black letters. Under that there is a small red rectangle with a large light yellow letters that say "loaded", this triangle also outlined in a light yellow color, the piece of Butterfinger bar also appear to fly out of the bar in the picture.

What Butterfinger candy bar promises?

Butterfinger candy bar promises to give a crispy and crunchy taste, it also say it will be loaded with the taste of peanut butter, it's also stated on the wrapper that both natural and artificial flavors have been added to the product.

What Butterfinger candy bars offers?

You need to keep them cold so it won't melt because these are ice cream bars, put them in a bag or in a freezer so the bars will be kept fresh, you can see the chocolate coating when you open it, and there are pieces of Butterfinger bar stuck in the coating, you can also find the ice cream inside the candy bar after it being eaten, the picture itselves is quite accurate to describe how the bars actually look like, so the taste is nothing like a cold

Butterfinger candy bar but it's like ice cream but with a Butterfinger bar pieces.

Is Butterfinger finger candy bar worth to buy?

I think that these delicious ice cream bars are worth every penny you spend, you can buy these candy bars for the occasional treat, they can be found in the Nestle freezers at your local video rental places or even gas stations, if the price is less than $2 per bar then it's okay to buy it once a while.

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