Jumat, 21 November 2008

Butterfinger Candy Bars Recipe Was Lost

The legendary Butterfinger candy bar was first produced by the Curtiss Candy Company in Chicago, 1923. This delicious candy consists of a crispy orange-colored peanut-buttery center covered with a delicious chocolate coating, if you buy today's Butterfinger candy bar it may not be quite the same as the original candy bar, according to some reports, the first original candy bar was LOST when Nabisco aquired the Curtiss candy company and from that point on, none of the employees claimed to remember how to make the Butterfinger candy bars, so a new recipe is invented to keep the production up and running.

But somehow, Butterfinger candy bars still have its magic touches...

Just hear what this person has to say about Butterfinger taste....

Being a person who loves butterfingers, find it hard to desribe the rich, delicious taste of them. There is sort of a peanut butter taste. You can't forget the smooth milk chocolate. Here are a list of flavors: nutty, chocolately, chewy, carmely, peanut buttery, um, good, DELICIOUS, all around good.

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