Jumat, 14 November 2008

History Behind BabyRuth Candy Bar's Name

BabyRuth Candy bar first came out on the market in 1921, that year hundreds of children sent Mr. Babe Ruth the candy wrappers and ask for his autograph. Because of this marketing rush, Ruth demanded his share of royalties, but unfortunately was turned down in the courts. One year later he tried to run his own brand that called "Ruth's home run candy" and pointed the same manufacturers of Baby Ruth, but again the patent office turned down his product because the new product would cause confusion among candy lovers.

So what's the truth behind this Baby Ruth's name?

Well, based on the inquiry that was sent to Curtiss's main office in Chicago in 1973, they said that the Baby Ruth candy bar was made its initial appearance back in 1921, long before Babe Ruth even became famous and the name itself was just a coincidetal. Baby Ruth actually was named after President Cleveland's daughter, Baby Ruth Cleveland who came to visit the Curtiss company plant years ago when the company was getting started that apparently influenced the company to name the candy bar "Baby Ruth"

Cleveland hadn't been president for nearly a quarter of a century when his daughter was so honored, and Ruth was clearly famous by 1921; in fact, his exploits dominated the front page of every afternoon daily in New York, even overshadowing President Harding and other nationally important figures."

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