Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

Butterfinger Candy Bars Or BabyRuth Candy Bars? Vote Now And Get 36 Candy Bars For Free

Butterfinger candy bars and BabyRuth candy bars are two of the oldest candies in USA and nowadays these two old time candies are still fascinate the young generation with its unique tastes and flavours, because Butterfinger candy bars promise you to give a crispy and crunchy taste, not mentioning the taste of delicious peanut butter mmmmmm....

Now tell me, are you a Butterfinger or BabyRuth fan?If you're seeing this blog then I'm sure that you're a Butterfinger candy bars fan, and if so then today is your lucky day! Because today you will have a chance to get not just 6, 12 but 36 Butterfinger candy bars for absolutely FREE of charge, all you need to do is tell us which candy bar is your favorite? Butterfinger or BabyRuth candy bars? Simple right? After that we'll send your candy bars straight to your house.

This offer is for US residents only, so hurry up and get your free butterfinger candy bars today while still last!

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