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Best Candy Bars

Face it, Americans love their chocolate candy. According to Information Resources Inc, chocolate candy sales topped $3 billion dollars last year. Like many Americans, I am a chocoholic and need a chocolate fix every single day. Needless to say, I know my candy bars. I swear I've tried them all and these are my top 5 picks.

1) Snickers - Featuring a delicious nougat center with caramel and nuts, Snickers is at the top of my list. Whether you eat it from the end savoring all the flavors together or from the bottom eating all the nougat and then savoring the caramel/nut mixture separately, this candy bar is simply the best. According to the National Confectioners Association, the Snickers bar was developed in 1930 and named after a favorite horse of the Mars family. This candy bar is the number one selling bar in the U.S. so I guess I'm not alone in my love of the Snickers Bar.

2) Hershey Bar With Almonds - Milk chocolate with a few well distributed almonds easily satisfies my chocolate cravings. Introduced way back in 1908, this candy bar has been delighting chocolate lovers for nearly a century.

3) M & M's - Whether plain or peanut, these tasty little candies make my mouth happy. I must say though that the crispy version of M&M's is not a favorite of mine. The texture is too airy and just plain weird. M&M's were invented during the Spanish Civil War as a great treat that didn't melt in the hot sun. They were introduced to consumers in 1941.

4) Twix - Not much satisfies more that a crunchy cookie center with a layer of caramel and rich milk chocolate. The Twix bar was first introduced to US consumers in 1979.

5) SKOR Toffee Bar - Introduced in 1983, the delicious rich toffee enrobed in milk chocolate make the SKOR Bar a star in my book.

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